Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reflecting on the past...

via Zsa Zsa Bellagio
 One of the most important elements in decorating is light.  Back in my photo styling days, I learned that no matter how beautiful your set was, if the lighting was awful, everything was awful.  During that career, I found myself in residence at some pretty dingy brownstones and found the best cure for a dreary interior was light.  Not necessarily the light bulb kind; but reflective light.

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 You could hang a mirror and instantly create a window (by reflecting a window) so it was like adding little portholes of light.  If the mirror was large enough, or you created a grouping, it could visually expand the room. (Just imagine this setting with the candles lit for an evening dinner!)

via Sadecor.co.za

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via Studio 180 Shop/Etsy

I've never considered myself a collector, that is, until it comes to old mirrors.  The "skanky-er", the better!  Over the years, I've collected quite a few and now I proudly display them going up the stairs.
This photo was taken of my house by Funky Junk Donna, at Bella 2012
Another of my favs is a huge mirror in the entryway.
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I also love collections of hand mirrors... 

Found at Country Living Magazine
via Pink Pig Westport
...but what really sets my toe to tappin' is a mirror hung in the garden! 

via BuzzFeed

Check out these beauties created with concrete frames!  How awesome would they 
be propped in your flower beds!  
What do you think of this mirror creating the look of water?

via Apartment Therapy
What's your favorite decorating gimmick?

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  1. Love them all. I also have a pretty large collection of mirrors. Kinda odd for someone that doesn't like looking in them.

    1. Ha Ha- yup- mirrors are not really my friend either- ;)

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