Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Many of us dream of the idea of a simpler life.  A home more than likely in the country and no doubt has a porch, a garden and a wood pile.  My dream "Simple Life" exists on a lake where I'm sitting in an adirondack sipping coffee with a golden at my feet.  

It's early in the morning and there's promise in the day ahead.  No rushing out the door, dodging traffic, prioritizing in my head the tasks for the day and breathing a sigh of relief that there are no ballgames or practices I must tend to.

Sure, in my dream-world, there's chores to be done; a few meals to plan and the dewberry patch is demanding my attention, but the bounty will make for a sumptuous ending to dinner.   I walk into the kitchen that still smells of coffee and bacon from breakfast.  My gathered bouquet of coneflowers will be stunning in that old white pitcher…

White Buffalo Vintage

Even though in reality my house is in the "burbs", I do my best to create that same sense of place I long for.  We create our home and surround ourselves with the things we love and the things that have a story; that little stainless mixing bowl that reminds me of Granny's hand-rolled biscuits, or a kitchy Elsie cookie jar remnant of my great aunt's eccentric style.

 We love the beauty in our collections.  Hiding them away in a cupboard is not an option.  Instead of saving that good china for a Sunday dinner, we enjoy it daily with everything from cereal to pot roast.
I've always loved faded, water stained art against crisp white.  Old fruit prints from the 1930's or a pastoral print of cows in a floral meadow.

High Street Market blog

A good decorating book is fuel for our imagination and always a great way to escape our hectic lives.  It can be that  endorphin for our soul's craving for beauty.  One of my favorite things is a "magazine party".   My friend comes over for tea with her well-read, dog-eared magazines and we swap.  Now, that's pure bliss!

Have you seen this book by Emily Henson?  I'll bet you've seen many of her images on Pinterest.  I love that there are no rules for decorating anymore.  Mix your Mom's Mid Century Modern with reclaimed barn wood or hang a delicate chandelier against a rustic ceiling in your laundry room.

Hanna Borg Living Room


Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder.  I say great taste is curated by travel and exposure.  The vendors we are gathering for Bella Rustica 2014 will wow you with remnants and treasures from their travels, thus creating a "Spectacle of American Vintage"...
Our homes are an extension of ourselves and our experiences, so share them with your friends.   Slow down and savor… the beauty, the sounds, the smells of the world you've created for yourself.   Grab another cup of coffee and breathe in the inspiring beauty God, the ultimate Cre-ateur has set in his awe-full creation.


Until next time…


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