Friday, April 25, 2014

 The glory of the old farmhouse at Harlinsdale Farm, in a shot captured by Bill Hobbs, was slipping away.   Once a thriving Tennessee Walking Horse Farm and home of prize champion Stallion Midnight Sun in the 1940's, the farm has been recalled as a most significant piece of history in the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry.  The 200 acre landmark was sold to the City of Franklin in 2004, but there was much work to be done.  Extensive renovations continue with the help of the Heritage Foundation of Franklin and Williamson Co. so that the public can passively enjoy the history of this lovely farm.

Urban decay as captured by Bill Hobbs

 Four years ago, when Bella was looking for her first home, we approached the Park about hosting the show.  Deanna Scheffel, Park manager, was very enthusiastic, but we could not use the barn because it wasn't up to codes.  We couldn't have a "barn sale" and not use the barn!  So I passed it over.
This year, even though we still can't use the barn, we opted for the location.  The gorgeous barn will just be a lovely backdrop, but I believe we will be able to peek inside.

OK- just look at the inside… imagination is going wild!  I see double-decker shopping, don't you??
We may never be able to use this barn, but fingers are crossed!

Besides the Heritage Foundation, there are several groups who are fundraising for this great cause.  Friends of Franklin has done a lot to help with the costly restorations of the entire farm.

Here is a shot of the farmhouse today.  Mike Wolfe and his "American Pickers" crew shot an episode here.  Not sure if he was responsible for the restorations.  We really were not supposed to physically be this close, but I couldn't resist-

We are so excited that the City of Franklin Parks granted us permit to hold our 4th Annual Vintage Market here!  This is about what it will look like in October.   Besides a top-notch group of vintage vendors, we are adding some family friendly attractions on Saturday.  Hooker Farms will bring some of his famous exotic animals along with some of the farm favorites.  There will be a grand hay maze for the kiddos as well as some good ole funnel cakes and carnival food!

If you're coming from out of town, be sure to check in HERE first.  The farm is only 3 minutes away from the square!

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