Friday, April 4, 2014

American Vintage

Each day that passes as we work on creating this "spectacle",  the concept of American Vintage is becoming clearer.  At first, I was a little skeptical because most Bella fans had a skewed perception of what it meant.  No, not everything is red, white and blue; not everything has a flag, and no, it isn't about decorating for Independence Day.

Courtesy Maize Hutton
Living with a 16 year old has given me a whole new perspective on "vintage".  To her generation, "old" is from the 70's.  Ha!  That makes me ancient!  At any rate, I love the spin she puts on decorating with vintage and combining it with new.  Not everything is whites and creams, or Farmgirl chic, but a little bit boho slash general store slash mid century modern.
Courtesy Ganda-Ganda
Simpler influences.  Classic style.  

Think about the places we are drawn to.  Our favorite restaurants, a cabin on the lake, a porch rocker.

 And then there's our ongoing love affair with the American Farmhouse; screen doors, sweet honeysuckle in the air, whippoorwills; the ice shifting in your tea glass.  It's sort of like comfort food, but it's stuff.  Stuff that brings on fond memories or creates home in our Southern soul.

I bet I can speak for you as well when I say my pulse quickens when I drive through a quaint little town on a road trip.  You look at the houses and the big white church and imagine life there 40 years ago.  Step in to the corner grocery with the Colonial sign on the door, the cold AC hits you in the face and an old wood floor creaks beneath your feet.  The smell of bologna and bacon mixes with the over ripe fruit and it's all you can do to resist that moon pie at the checkout.   

Incurable romantics…that's what we are.  We've become accustomed to our comfort, yet never seem to be content.  There's nothing like discovering a few new pieces of the past.

Y'all come back now!



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