Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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plural noun: Americana
1        1.  things associated with the culture and history of America,
                                      esp. the United States.

     2.  incorporates elements of various American roots

Appealing to the masses has never been something I’ve been interested in.  Frankly, the term that best suits me is “renegade”.  But when I discovered this year is the Civil War Sesquicentennial, I began exploring the genre of Americana, a term I’d heard a lot here in Music City.  After a few hours on Pinterest and Google, I decided on this year’s theme: “A Spectacle of American Vintage.”   
I found there was a place for everything; American Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Rustic Luxe or traditional cottage. Having a teenager at home, I am constantly exposed to a modern way of looking at vintage; clean, simple and classic.   I love that look, but I’m still very fond my French farmhouse stuff too.
OK, perhaps there is also a place for European influences; after all, that is ultimately where we came from, right?  For instance, if you live here in Nashville or Franklin, you see those beautiful pre-Civil War stone fences- an obvious remnant of our Scotch-Irish immigrants.  THose influences are also in our architecture and furniture.  So, Bella vendors will include those too.

Here’s a few of my favorite pins, just so you don't think think we are all about red, white and blue.  You can find more HERE
A great mix of old and new!

Courtesy Tons of Land

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Cowboy boots and a Farmall…what could be more Americana?

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