Friday, April 20, 2012

Southern Bella...just for fun

Pink. It goes with everything
via 'Red Neck Chic'
No matter what you call it; 'blush, tipsy, rhubarb...', it's just one of those happy colors.

These days, "a little dab'll do yah"

via 'Southern Weddings'

I just wanted to share some cool images that inspire me for the show.

And quite by accident, they all have pink.
via 'Atelier des Ours'

via 'Red Neck Chic'

Okay, you might have to use your imagination on this one....look real close...

Above images via 'Vignettes Antiques'

via 'Bang Candy Company'

I just love fresh . picked . country.
Can't you just smell that honeysuckle?

What colors catch your eye?

Ciao Ya'll!


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