Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ok, I can't promise this is the last post about the farm-
I did, however, create a whole page dedicated just to Milky Way.
(You'll see it in the page links above)
I'm such a romantic and I wish it were possible to ressurrect this glorious landmark
back to it's original glory.  The years haven't been kind to all the beautiful barns and cottages
that once dotted the landscape, but thanks to the labors of love
of some of the previous owners, we can catch glimpses of the glory that once was.
One of the 'Chandelier Barns'

A view from the sunporch of the Manor House

Many of the structures were made from native stone taken straight from the farm.

Sophistication in all the details

Thanks to Google and my new blog friend, Ashley Beadle , who allowed me to use her photos. Ashley shared her family's roadtrip to Lynnville and the farm  here .  Her blog is filled with her and her family's       adventures and her knack for capturing it all with her amazing photography will draw you in.
Hey Ashley, hope you come up and see us in September
and bring that sweet boy with you! (aHemm! boyeez- we'd like to meet the hubby, too!)
Thanks, Ashley!
Thanks for stopping by...
Ciao, ya'll!

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