Saturday, February 4, 2012

More about Bella's New Home

I can't just reveal the location of our 2012 show without taking you on a journey.  My first real visit to the farm was an all-inclusive experience that I want you to experience as well!  I believe this show will become a destination with so much to offer even the most discriminating history buffs!  As I explored the possibilities of our new home, I became engulfed in the story and found surprises at every turn.  So, come with me and I think you will feel the same!

A short 45 minute drive from our office, we head south on I-65.  Almost to Pulaski, take Exit 27 and head west through beautiful rolling hills scatterd with barns and quaint farm houses.  Some barns are still full of life, painted a vibrant shade of red and adorned with giant leftover Christmas wreaths. Others are barely standing, but testify to their better days with beauty and simplicity. Seven minutes from the interstate is the beautiful, Mayberry-esque little town of Lynnville, population 327. (Saaaaa Lute!)

The town is well cared for with restored store fronts on Main Street and the streets are groomed with potted flowers and trees to welcome visitors.

Center stage is Colonel Littleton's, "Purveyor of Fine Accounterments for Gentlemen in the Americana Tradition".   Amazing!  Go check out the colonel  here.  He's quite the personality and his store a treasure trove of Lynnville 200 years ago along with leather good lovingly crafted by local artisans. (Besides his website
Everyone in the car squealed at the sight of the restored Steam Train and Depot.  The townspeople have maintained the integrity of their community and there are no ugly circa 1970 storefronts. 
Cross the street to Soda Pop Junction and belly up to the bar for the best hamburger and onion rings in the state of Tennessee!  Order up a hand-dipped chocolate malt and find a comfortable booth so you can sit back and enjoy the local color.  

While you're waiting on the grill you can browse an anthology of memories of Lynnville past, and bask in a recollection of simpler times.

If you have room for dessert, they'll serve up a warm peach fried pie with real ice cream.

 The old Lions Hotel across Main Street.
Not to rush you, but there's still so much more to see!

Five minutes on the other side of town is one of  Tennessee's hidden treasures:
Built from a legacy of the King of Confection himself, Mr. Frank C. Mars.

Milky Way Farm

Once a bustling enterprise of commerce for Giles County, remnants still remain. Eighty years later, the magnificence still draws you in and you want to hear the stories of glamour, compassion, triumph and tragedy.  I will share the stories with you and will be revealing all the exciting details of why you must be a part of this!

Ciao for Now!


  1. We love Lynnville :) my little guy likes to go and climb on the engine and explore the train cars :) can't wait to hear more!

  2. Can't wait until the next Bella Rustica barn sale. The first one was fabulous. Our mutual friend Mary Runger told me today about the 2012 plans. What are the dates? She said the last week in September? Jennifer

  3. We are SO EXCITED-already planning for Bella Rustica 2012 ! Linda thank you for your dedication not only to AGAPE but also to putting a top notch JUNKIN event on the map here in this part of the south! Debbie and I just know this will grow and grow and people will be traveling from all over the country to come to TENNESSEE for years to come ! Your passion made the first event look effortless ( I know it was far from effortless -hehe). You know we will do anything we can to help out and are just googley over Milky Way Farms ! Who said you coulnd't out do what you had already done?? YOU DID IT GIRL-what an incredible place!