Friday, February 3, 2012

Bella Rustica 2012 expands to 3 days and a New Location!

I had big plans of a dramatic reveal of this year's show, and that will come tomorrow.  Today, I just want to get the word out....
We believe Bella may have found her forever home and will have lots and lots of growing room too!

Welcome to one of Tennessee's hidden treasures:
Built as a legacy of the King of Confection himself, Mr. Frank C. Mars.

Bella Rustica Marketplace
September 28.29.30, 2012
at Milky Way Farm

The Stone Barn, designed by Mr. Mars, is built from native stone.  Mr. Mars delighted in odd sizes and unique designs and this barn is a prime example of his execution of the artistic and unusual. 

The great news is that we can put approximately 60 vendors under one roof!   No rain worries....and by the looks of those beautiful stone walls, we won't have to worry about wind either!  Parking?  Well, that's another story.

Milky Way Farm was once home to some 30 barns; home to Thoroughbred horses, Herford Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep and Mules.  In a later post, I will give you a tour of the beautiful Manor House; a
Tudor-Revival,  23 bedroom mansion!
Endless stories of his generousity, his love for the outdoors and of building a legacy of not only integrity, but fine taste.  He was a man of detail, and it has been said that there was a chandelier in every barn! 
In the next post, I'll show you the nearby town of Lynnville.



  1. Girl, you always amaze!! I can't wait!!!

  2. It is gorgeous!! And, I can't forget that wind!! ;)

    xoxo~ Michelle

  3. Some of our best friends live "right across" the way from Milky Way Farms. How convenient! I am only an hour away from there. Hopefully, I can make it someday!!

    What a beautiful location.

  4. Great! A lot closer for me to visit. Thanks for the news.