Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble it up!

My imagination runs wild this time of year with visions of cozy family gatherings and quaint Christmas outings. So I wanted to share about a new discovery I've made this week.  A gorgeous blank canvas that invites my right brain (or is it my left?) to go hog wild!  Up until now, I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm at all over a second Bella Rustica.  I was looking for yet another perfect barn to stage Bella Rustica 2012.  Somewhere fresh, rustic and swoon-worthy.  Somewhere we can grow and expand; bloom!  But if I take it further outside of Nashville, will it still thrive?  Could we actually have established enough of a following that it wouldn't matter?  Really- us junkers don't mind a bit of a drive if our destination reeks of charm, history and romance, right?  Well, I stumbled upon this amazing location.  In two years of sifting through acres and acres of farmland, how could I have missed this!  It's dreamy!  The photos aren't great, but here's a tiny peek....

Just look!  We could be together all under one roof!!  No more perching on the edge of insanity worrying about the rain. I could have my 'Burlap Cafe' with barrel tables and plenty of seating to take a load off those junkin' feet and enjoy some good eats and great music.  There's plenty of pastoral views and fresh air and we could throw in a tour of a 40+ room 1930's Tudor style manor built by a family who loved to entertain.
OK, I'd better stop now before I spill.  It isn't a for sure thing yet.  It may not be logistical, but the owners are open to it and I'm going to take a look for myself so either I can turn off these wheels in my brain, or shift to second gear!

Leaving you with a little Thanksgiving barn love.  (Well, it looks like Tennessee...)  Only, Tennessee this time of year is nothing but sticks.  We had a good 'killin' frost' last week and the leaves are pretty much gone.

Maresh Red Barn, Dundee, Oregon 

 One of the coolest things about living in Nashville though is that you don't have to drive out into the country to enjoy the barns.  Inside the city limits there must be hundreds of barns, with beautiful horses grazing unaware of rush hour just beyond their fence. (Did you know that there are more horses in Tennessee than in the entire state of Texas???)  When I moved here from Dallas a few years back, a short drive anywhere would set my heart to racing at the beauty of the stately manors nestled into the rolling hills with all their sprawling lawns and well manicured landscapes.  At dusk, warm lighting through the windows would invite me in to the kids doing their homework at the table while Mom fetched some supper.  Sometimes I'd see big families gathered at the table enjoying each other's narrative about their day. Warm, welcoming...delightful!  (OK, you know you do it too....imagine yourself living in a particular house.)
It's an inspiring season of the year indeed, and to you, my dear friends may you experience a blessed Thanksgiving Day surrounded by family and close friends!

Ciao Bella!


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  1. For the love of everything-chippy-rusty and wonderful...you have done it again !!! This BARN is AMAZING !! Where is it-what is it called-can we have it -can we come and participate again??? I will do whatever you want--hehe! Seriously Linda-you have taken my heart to a new level of high. Will be anxiously awaiting more news. A hen with feathers fluffed to full attention.