Thursday, September 1, 2011

What does a Bella Chick look like?

Well, with the show just a bit over two weeks away, I've been thinking "wardrobe".  With all the hype of the Junk Gypsy Show, I wouldn't want to be a carbon copy, but I've gotta admit, those Prom pictures are pretty sassy!

This little number is right up my alley (sorry, I didn't save the source).
I love the fall colors and the lace trim... or maybe it's just the truck. 
Probably still too hot for long sleeves anyway.

Then there's Magnolia Pearl, but this body is not cut out for all that cuteness, so my daughter will be wearing it instead.  Besides, what kind of shoes do you wear?  I've been looking at all the thrift stores for some worn out wingtips to mimmick "boyfriend shoes" or maybe some Sears workboots (just kidding!)

These babies are $157 at Nordstrom....wooo hooo!  Besides Nordstrom won't be open until September 17....Hey!  No one will be there 'cause they're gonna be shopping the barn!

              How 'bout these lovlies...hand painted Doc Martins compliments of  Gypsy Brocante.

I'm also liking a denim dress-the more contemporary cowgirl.  Glamerella Junk can put together the look with her gorgeous jewelry creations and maybe one of those vinty slips underneath. 

Here is Jill of Gypsy Brocante fame.  Love her lace doilie vests and tops, but I'd look pretty goofy in that hat.
Better to sport a cowboy hat to offset all that 'junk in my trunk'!

Then there's the jewelry....
love me some gloppy jewelry!

Mimi Torias

Urban Barn

Glamerella Junk
Regardless of what I  wear, the jewelry is a must.

Here's another idea.... compliments of the Marrika Collection...
I love this lacey skirty thingy!  That's different, huh?

...and of course, the vintage prom dress is the embodiment of a Rodeo Princess!

What will you be wearing to the ball, show?

Ciao!   Linda

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