Monday, September 19, 2011

Grazie, y'all!

I've spent the last year and a half of my life preparing, dreaming, typing, building, designing, organizing, selling and all but giving birth to Bella Rustica; Nashville's first Urban Barn Marketplace.  Last week, with all the intense labor and long hours, falling into bed each night so exhausted and getting up with more aches than I went to bed with , I caught myself thinking, "next week I will get my life back."  .....No, wait!   I don't want my life back!
You know when you go on a vacation or experience any great moment in your life, you wish you had a video you could play over and over and re-live all the great moments?  Well, blogging is even better!
I can't wait to share all the great photos of the people and unforgettable moments of this amazing show.
By the time Saturday evening rolled around, there were tears and hugs and well wishes given as we all looked forward to the possibility of Bella becoming an annual fundraiser on AGAPE's calendar.  Every  vendor, every ooh-la-la moment, every drop of sweat and every belly-laugh; the beautiful children with their wide-eyes riding Buster, the horse; every volunteer, every song sung by the precious musicians that donated their time.  The smells of fresh grilled Tap Root burgers and kettle corn and the best stinkin' ice cream on the planet.... were all the threads woven into the perfect tapestry that made this show such a huge success.
Friday morning as I turned onto Clovercroft Road at sunrise, this is what I saw...

 I literally gasped out loud.  The end of that rainbow appeared to be at my destination..the barn.  By the time I reached the farm and walked through the giant doors of the barn, the sun was peeking over the hills and it's  bright pink and orange rays spilling out over the rafters and stall doors.  As my friend Stacey said, "I believe there's something Spiritual going on here!"  It was definately an awe-full moment!

I know all of you are anxiously awaiting pictures of our bliss-full moments.  I ran my camera battery down by noon both days.  Even after editing them all, I don't feel that it does it justice, so I am waiting on my new sweet friend Autumn Lynn to send me hers.  She was our event photographer who dropped out of the sky, I might add, and was at the event literally from sun-up to sun down both days.  I don't want to spoil it with my sad little cool Pix photos, so we're gonna have to wait.  Maybe she will filter them in a few at a time.
It's odd being back in the office today.  I must admit, I am a bit tearful.  It's raining a good, slow steady fall rain on the outside, (thank you God for giving us great weather this weekend!) but it is warm and fuzzy on the  inside.  Please come back again soon.  I will introduce you to all our lovely vendors and showcase their incredible talent with Autumn's photos. You'll see- it will definately be worth the wait!
C' iao for now...


  1. Michelle, Jack and I had such an awesome time. It was our first show as well and you would have thought you and your crew had been doing it for twenty years. There were so many people and every vendor I have spoken to said that they did amazingly well. The venue was beautiful and your volunteers were outstanding. We hope, hope, hope it becomes a yearly thing, we will be there if you will have us, Hazel too. CJ, Michelle & Jack ~ Vintage Junky

  2. Linda, my sister and I were there,along with my daughter on Saturday. Each of us thought it was stunning. We too hope this will become an annual event. You really created something magnificent! Robin - 2 Vintage Sisters

  3. Ditto on what CJ said.... we had a great time! It was just a really great experience!
    xo~ Michelle