Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giddy-Up Glam vs Metro Chic....we made it in the Style Issue!

The September "Style Issue" of Her magazine is out and Bella Rustica is front and center....
Well, almost.  Page 19 to be exact.  Just opposite a "Funky & Fresh" article.
So Nashville,  while 2011 brought us our first Fashion Week, we would still like to celebrate the
cowboy-hat-and-sequin-image style by putting a fresh twist on Cowgirl glam.  At Bella, you will discover a playful side of fashion.  Who doesn't love Magnolia Pearl?  While Robin Brown won't be there in person, 
MaryBeth, boutique owner and fashionista, has made 'Pearl' available here in Tennessee! 

The entire issue of HER is about celebrating individual style.  One of my favorite quotes is: "Style is confidence and a sense of humor.  It is knowing what you love and also about taking risks.  What we wear should be an introduction of who we are, not a mask to cover it up."
So far, this is our first real "public" exposure....at least in print.  Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin can expect a personal invitation dropped right in the mailbox within the next week or so.   Facebook is all abuzz  with excitement and anticipation of Nashville's Premier Marketplace event!
Personally, it's like hearing your song on the radio for the first time-
only this one is destined to become a hit!

Ciao Baby!

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  1. WONDERFUL!! I vote you the Giddy-Up Queen for your FABULOUS promotion of this exciting Bella show!! Your efforts are over-the-top incredible!!