Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crossroads of Dixie

I have so much to catch you up on!  More vendors and a little road trip.

While I was at the fish radio station, I was told I simply must go check out this little shop in downtown Franklin, Tetelesti 33ad. 

I was immediately greeted by Richard, kind and softspoken.  He and his lovely wife, out of their dedication to a ministry to spread the Good News, have designed this exquisite line of home furnishings inspired by Scripture.  Beautiful embellishments for your home with inspiring words and text. 

It really looks like Pottery Barn, doesn't it?   Look for Tetelesti in the big tent. Oh, and the meaning of Tetelesti is "It is Finished"- the last words our Christ spoke before His death on the cross.

Traveling a little farther south from Franklin, off Hwy 31, is a charming farm community and crossroads with a century old country store, original post office and granary.  Inside is an eclectic mix of vintage finds as fun and varied as it's customers.  Linda Jones at Carter's Creek Station Antiques just celebrated her 13 anniversary with a big sale.  Now she is off for fresh new finds for the barn sale!  Across the road, a delightful old granary packed full of treasures, the Rusty Rake.

Even though it was a trecherous 106 degree heat index, I could have shopped all day and I did load up on some goodies for myself!  Look for Linda and Martha in their own tent "out back".

Wonderful breeze....great view...

Lastly, I just can't resist sharing these pictures of the real "Crossroads of Dixie",
Powder Mill Hill on old Pulasky Hwy.   Two stories of stuff.....everything from pickles to Elvis.  There were even some big fat roosters running around and when I asked their names...."lunch" was the reply!   I could have spend hours here, just taking pictures!

Look closely- it's a Saab...garden art?

 Ok, if I could just get this to park out front of the sale..... does anyone else think this is cool but me?  Notice the fishing poles sticking out the side. The "No Dumping" sign is priceless!

Still more.... enter "The Fancy Flea".   Peggy peddles her wares at the Nashville Flea Market.  Stuff so cute that they've named a building after her!

Everything from fashionable cuffs to stationary to quirky little cans for stashing your stuff.  Ribbon, paper; anything  your little crafting heart desires!  Peggy is full of great stories and seems to know everybody.  She'll inspire and entertain!

Thanks for enduring the long post.  We still have so many great vendors to share, so come back soon!

Ciao, ya'll!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the great pictures and information. I've recently heard about Carter's Creek Station and now know I need to make a trip that way. Looks like the barn sale is going to be fantastic!