Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Barn Bonanza in full Gallop!

Our big, beautiful postcards came in this week and should be in the mail by the end of the month.  All of our vendorsf will have their own stash, so if you haven't gotten yours, please call!
It's been quite a busy week with a lot of new developments.  First, we found out that HCA/TriStar, part of the HCA Family of Hospitals, will be donating a big event tent for our show.  PHEW! What a huge blessing!
Then, we applied for a sponsorship for ads in Nashville Scene, HER Nashville and Nfocus magazine.  Keeping our fingers crossed. Next, we saw the proof of the two-page spread in our full-color newsletter.  Can I just say:  W.O.W !!   Emails have been pouring in with vendor applications, (yes, we are still accepting vendors) and offers for volunteer opportunities.  We are seeing first-hand why they call Tennessee "the Volunteer State".  Thanks so much!

In addition to all the media, I want to introduce a few of our new vendors.  Kellie Montana is a Nashville original from right down on Music Row.  Her personality is quite obvious in her extraordinary renderings of the ordinary and many famous 'locals' collect her work...say, Taylor Swift, Pam Tillis and Wynonna Judd, to name a few!

Kellie has experience is several of the local fine art shows, but says that events like ours are her favorite!
Yay, Kellie!  From the looks of your sassy photos, you're our kind of gal!

Other 'Bella Chicks' joining the coop are from the 'Strawberry Patch' Barn Sale in Lafayette, Tennessee, Alicia Raney and Christy Donoho.  They will bring an element of color and whimsy to the show with painted canvases and furniture.  These photos will do the talkin'.

We are so excited about the awesome mix of talent that you will be able to see in  one place.
No troll dolls or clothespin art here!

Still, there is one more vendor we'd like to brag about.  Diann Rigsby Holmes from, get this,
Hog Creek Road. (Luuuuv it!)  She makes  T H E  M O S T  Adorable cowgirl bloomers. 

Do you see a hint of 'Magnolia Pearl' influence?  Word has it that she and Robin are old friends and share a love for Austrailian Shepherds. 
Since she is a country girl, she is also very in-tune to mother earth and makes these collage-art plates from a collection of (previously) living things.   Lovely!  Diann also brings her 12 + years of experience in Round Top Texas.  Just look for her cute self in braids and cowboy boots sportin' her charming bloomers! 
Thanks for your attention....but I know you enjoyed the pictures.  Meet us again soon for more updates, and keep those emails comin'!

Ciao, ya'll!

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