Friday, June 24, 2011

Little High, Little Low, Little e Studio!

Emily Little has become quite the sensation here in Nashville and we are so pleased she will be a vendor at Bella Rustica!
Her simplicity and color pallette is so fresh and mixes well no matter if your taste is vintage or modern..  Go visit her here. You'll want them all!  

Thanks for stopping by!  I have more big news about another exclusive coming up next!

Ciao, ya'll!


  1. love her art!! Can't wait to see it in person
    xo~ Michelle

  2. Hi Linda ~
    I've been trying to reply to your recent email, but keep getting a delivery failure message. I'll try again later this evening.

  3. Hi Linda! Something must be up with your email! I got an error message when I tried to forward a note from a vendor(who also couldn't get thru) for you today too! Let me know! Thanks! xo