Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bella gets Sassy!

If you haven't visited Nancy's blog, SassyTrash, you're not only missing out on her genious repurposed creations, but she'll take you touring on the back of her motorcycle through the backroads of Georgia, Florida and Alabama.  She'll share all her favorite haunts and throw in pictures of some of the south's best historical architecture and you'll meet some pretty interesting characters along the way.

            Birdcage chandeliers and lamp-based wire schultures- view her one-of-a-kinds at her Esty Shop here.  Nancy will be traveling all the way from Georgia and we are thrilled to add her to our collection of imaginative vendors.  I'm sure she will "WOW" Music City with her  amazin' pickin's!  (I wonder if she hauls her trailer behind that motorcycle?)

Bella Rustica is shaping up to be a premier event, indeed!  Stay tuned for more updates!

Ciao ya'll!

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