Wednesday, May 11, 2011

City Savvy with farmgirl charm...

 There are so many goodies I want to share.  The last couple of days have been such a testimony to why we began this journey.  On Friday, I visited the farm to walk off the property and design my event.  One of the first things that caught my eye was this sign:
"As if it was meant to be..."
Bet the one who lettered this little primitive sign never dreamed we would actually SHOP the barn!
I had to chuckle...
It was a gorgeous day, and just being there set my heart to flutter. Opening gates and walking into horse territory was a little unnerving, but my fears were soon put to rest when "Hank", a painted horse &  sweetheart at 22 hands tall  followed me, nudging me with his soft muzzle and getting way into my personal space, if you know what I mean.   One of my vendors, Michelle, from, brought her adorable family to check out the venue.  This will be her first official barn sale, but I am very confident she will be quite an asset.  I came to know Michelle through Three French Hens in Nolensville.  If you want a sampling of her flair and good taste, visit her stylish blog.  She has quite a knack for merging old and new into a look that is uniquely her own. She'll keep you up on all the great stuff on Etsy, too. (She also sells on Etsy).  One of the fun things she does is, after saving a discarded piece of furniture and giving it new life with one of her specialty paint finishes, she gives it a name. Yes! Her creations get a name!  How cool is that?  So they take on a whole personality.  I've known her to name her pieces after friends...what a tribute!
Meet 'Mary'
Look closely at her eye for detail...  this Mary gal must be quite the character!
Anywhoo....I will share some pictures of her booths in future posts. 

Also joining our list of awesome vendors is Beth from . She is our first official out-of-state vendor!!!!  I am thrilled that she will bring her super-talented self and grace us with her impressive 20 years of experience and road-show know-how!  Here are some peeks at her most recent updates to one of her many booths in North Carolina:

Love the Tiara!
Dreamy whites and peely paint. Ooooooh, I want to shop! Her flair for arrangement is quite obvious.  And I love all the rust!
Anyway, here's my beautiful blank canvas!  Check out the glimpse of our beautiful rolling hills in middle Tennessee.  The views around the farm are breathtaking!  I imagine sipping an herb barn lemonade while sitting on bails of hay covered in quilts; a little bluegrass playing from the bed of an old rusted pick-up and all the great smells of fall, including kettle corn and  hay and fresh-mowed grass.  I think we can expect fresh grilled Tap Root burgers; anyone know where we can find handmade tamales?  Yum.
Look closely and you'll see the homestead; a lovely 100 year old Victorian Farmhouse. Click on their website, and check out the beautiful story of how the family came to call this place home. 
Thanks for stoping by today.  Please stop in again as we continue to post all the reasons you'll want to save the date and join us for this premier event!


  1. Wish the family would consider adoption...I want to live there!!!!

  2. wowza!!! i am so glad to have found your blog today......i live in franklin and was thinking recently, why we don't have "barn sales" around here? i am addicted to blogging and have been watching this trend and wishing one was near....sometimes wishes do come true. that farm looks beautiful....... i'll attend for sure and will tell people about your sale.