Monday, April 25, 2011

Starting again from scratch...

Seems like there is a learning curve to everything.
Sometimes it just comes at you like a fast curve ball; you swing with all your might, but then you hear the smack of the ball in the catcher's mitt behind you and it becomes very evident your teammates are getting uneasy.
It's OK.  There still more balls out there. Game's not over yet.
Tap the bat on the dusty plate, refocus ...wham!  Right away there's another pitch.  You have to swing but you're still no sure, so you close your eyes tight and hit that pitch with all your might.
Baseball is a pretty good metaphor for just about anything, isn't it?  Striking out pretty much describes what happened a couple of weeks ago when reality hit that our current location for the barn sale would not support the traffic flow, nor could our efforts to conform to Williamson Co. Codes.
It left us gasping for air.  We'd been searching for the right location for months, but had simply been pounding a square peg into a round hole.
Day two- another lead.  A willing farm owner who is partial to the cause.  The setting: a 150 year old beef cattle farm with a 60 year old horse barn.  Wide open spaces, rolling hills, a welcoming Victorian farm house and Angus, the cow dog.   Not the beautiful event barn we had been drooling over, but it came with a precious family willing to contribute their own resources to help make our event a success.
The fundraiser suddenly went from a fru-fru ladies' event to a rip-roarin' family day complete with horseback rides, homemade ice cream, grilled Tap Root burgers and hay rides; a setting aptly fit for an AGAPE event.  Adjustments can be challenging, but it's good to be reminded we are all in this together. Hopefully, our already committed vendors will embrace the challenge, too.  We couldn't do it without you!

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  1. What a fabulous site Linda ! The treasure hunt is on ! All the shoppers reading please post a comment including those treasures that make your heart skip a beat. Nothing makes us "hunters" happier than a challenge to find that certain somethin :>)