Friday, April 1, 2011

A peek into the hen house...

As my friend Stacey at would say, here's what were gathering...

vintage furnishings for home and garden, unique clothing, inspired handmade and steampunk jewelry, holiday fanfare and simple modern country decorating ideas.

Our show, while a replica of other barn sales, will reflect the spirit of Nashville,  savoring southern charm and hitting the high notes of the creativity of our hometown folks. We will showcase some of Nashville's best kept secrets but welcome other contributors to create diversity and surprises!

Steampunk Jewelry
We are on the lookout for jewelry artist with wild imaginations and unusual creations.  Gretchen at Mimi-Torias Designs creates wonderful jewelry from things others may have cast off as junk.  Gretchen sends her regrets, but  hopefully we will give her another opportunity in the spring!

Another awesome local designer, Melissa at

will showcase her delicious handbags made from recycled coffee bags.

Wearable Coffee Bags
C'est Moi, accents for Maison & Moi

Putting a fresh, contemporary spin on country and funky-junk style with her Dash & Albert Rugs is Tawnya at C'est Moi.  Tawnya is an amazing entrepreneur and has unselfishly helped and encourage so many of the locals build their businesses.  Her indisputable talent embraces newcomers and is refreshingly authentic.

Two other great ladies in my 'booster club' are Stacey and Debbie from Nolensville.  Whenever I need a good dose of creative 'juice', I go visit Three French Hens and The Roost.  Their enthusiasm and contribution to putting together this show has definitely been the 'git along' in this 'little doggie'! As I mentioned in an earlier post with the 'yummy pink sofa', they  always make themselves available and are just good friends, but a true inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please stop in again!

Stay tuned for more peeks...

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