Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Take a look at the barn!

This is proof that it was worth the wait.  We started looking last March.  The search was so exciting; who knew Nashville had so many beautiful barns!  Barn weddings are all the rage here, but no owner was willing to accept a possible 1000 visitors.  OKay, I've always said around 1000, but Mr. Burton, our Executive Director, described an event held back in the '80's that supported over 9000 visitors in one weekend!  The event was 'Old Dogs and Children' and was hosted at Tom T. Hall's home.  Who knows?  It's just a matter of getting the word out, and technology will take care of that, right? 

Anyway, the owner of the barn is super nice and is very supportive.  He's made several suggestions for the event and has been very generous with our requests.  Just look at the place!  If  I had custom designed it just for the event, it couldn't be more perfect!

Hopefully, in the next week, I will post on a photo shoot for our website design and give you a peek at some of our cool vendors. Stay tuned!

And thanks so much for stopping by!


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